Occupational Pensions

Corporate Pensions

In Switzerland, occupational pensions are compulsory and form part of the second pillar of the Swiss pension system. Employers must at least match employee mandatory contributions. The combined employee and employer contributions required vary on the age of the employee.

Summit is able to set up corporate pensions for your small-medium sized business, with a 100% capital and interest rate guarantee and flexibility in timing of payments. 


Second Pillar Contribution Gaps

The majority of expatriates arrive to work in Switzerland for the first time in their 30’s or 40’s. The pension set-up in Switzerland provides a perk in this instance as one is allowed to make tax-deductible contributions into the second pillar as if one had been earning one’s present salary since age 25. These over-obligatory contributions can then be accessed at low tax rates should one leave Switzerland. The maximum amount that can be paid to finance previous years is limited in the first 5 years in Switzerland.

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