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Summit Wealth will be holding Seminars across Switzerland throughout the financial year. The Seminars will be dedicated to Wealth creation and preservation, reducing taxable liabilities and any new financial changes implemented that we feel will be relevant to our clients.

We are open to invitiations from organisations who would like us to present a talk on financial planning or pension transfers.

2nd April 2017- Join us at the Expat Expo in Zug!

12th January 2017- QROPS Talk at the International Men's Club of Zug

4th September 2016- Join us at the Expat Expo in Zurich!

31st August 2016- Join us at the International School of Zug and Luzern!



Chancellor's U-turn prompts fears for pension tax relief

Experts have warned that Chancellor ‘Spreadsheet Phil’ may cut pension tax relief in a bid to recoup the losses from his U-turn on national insurance contributions for the self employed. “The real risk is that the Chancellor targets pensions tax relief to make up the shortfall the increase in Class 4 National Insurance would have provided,” said Jon Greer, pensions technical services manager at Old Mutual Wealth.


UK tax hikes affecting expat property owners: is it too late to act?

Two tax changes affecting British property owners who live abroad will come into effect next month. The first will increase the land tax paid by expats acquiring a second UK residential property. The other is a hike in "landlord mansion tax" affecting expats who own UK properties through companies.


Qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes: charge on transfers

This measure ensures that transfers to QROPS requested on or after 9 March 2017 will be taxable unless, from the point of transfer, both the individual and the pension savings are in the same country, both are within the European Economic Area (EEA) or the QROPS is provided by the individual’s employer.


Security and Sustainability in Defined Benefit Pension Schemes Government Paper

The need to plan for retirement is something that affects nearly everyone in our society. We want to encourage more people to save for the retirement that they want to have, and to also feel a sense of ownership of their pensions. However, to do this people need confidence that the pensions system is working and that their hard-earned pension savings are protected.


Pensioners could lose 30pc of 'gold plated' income under plans being considered by Government

Pensioners with "defined benefit" pension arrangements could lose up to 30 per cent of their retirement income under controversial new plans being considered by the Government. A green paper published today by the Department for Work and Pensions suggests that struggling companies could soon be allowed to remove the so-called "gold plating" which protects the value of former workers' benefits by ensuring their pension incomes rise with inflation.


Our Top Financial Tips for Expatriates in Switzerland

1/ Make sure you have a Will that is valid in Switzerland Without a Will that is valid in Switzerland your assets would be distributed in accordance with Swiss material law. Non-Swiss may, by making a Will, direct that their Estate be governed by the law of their country of origin, therefore avoiding rules set by Swiss law. You may also choose a Guardian to look after your children.


LinkedIn and Aviva join to hunt down 2.5 million lost pensions

Aviva wants to partner with LinkedIn to help the public unearth the 2.5 million pensions that are unaccounted for. The move - revealed by the Times - comes off the back of a survey of 10,000 people carried out by the UK insurance firm last year, which found that around 13 per cent of people have at least one pension they had forgotten about. The 2.5 million estimate has been extrapolated from that survey, so the real figure could be much lower or indeed, higher. The survey found most people thought only one pension pot had gone missing, but 17 per cent had forgotten two and 6 per cent three or more. The UK government’s own findings show that £400m in pension savings have gone unclaimed.


Investment Outlook: First Quarter 2017

Global equities enjoyed a strong fourth quarter, except for emerging market equities, largely because of uncertainty over US trade and financial policy. Global corporate bonds outperformed government bonds. The political and investment landscape has changed considerably since this time last year. Market action suggests we are coming to the end of a multi-decade period of declining long-term interest rates. With more political uncertainty expected in developed economies, beginning with the Dutch election in March, followed by the French election in April diversification in case of adverse market reactions remains critical, as political and economic drivers suggests higher levels of financial market volatility.


What part does risk play in your investment strategy?

Your attitude to risk is the foundation on which your investment strategy is built. Determining your appetite for risk is an important part of developing the right strategy for you. This article considers what is meant by risk, what the risk assessment involves and how it impacts your plan and investment strategy. Your financial planner will begin by collecting all relevant information about your current financial situation and conducting a risk assessment. This is a crucial element of comprehensive financial planning which allows your financial planner to provide the best advice for you.


Highlights - British PM May sets out plans for Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May is setting out the principles that will guide her approach to Britain's withdrawal from the European Union in a speech in London on Tuesday. Below are the highlights from her speech: UK WILL LEAVE EUROPEAN SINGLE MARKET This agreement should allow for the freest possible trade in goods and services between Britain and the EU's member states. It should give British companies the maximum freedom to trade with and operate within European markets, and let European businesses do the same in Britain.


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